Need a customizable Choreography or skills camp? Need a FLASHY routine that not only looks good, but will also hit your score sheet? Spirit FX is your #1 choice in Skills Camps and Choreography!

We have been around since 2004, and worked with over 400 different School Teams, Colleges, All-Star and Rec. Programs in over 40 states! The company has grown over 150% since last year alone and our turnover rates for employees and clients is near ZERO. A mixture of core values, passion, professionalism and well-rounded and trained staff from numerous backgrounds makes our staff like no other. Let our growth speak for itself when choosing a reliable service.

We offer all-inclusive packages and take care of all scheduling and travel arrangements. Your choreography package will include one fully customized routine based around the scoresheet(s) of your choosing. We also include custom HIGH QUALITY MUSIC and ALL TRAVEL EXPENSES into one budget efficient price. Many companies set a price for choreography and then ask you to buy first class airline tickets, luxury hotel rooms and sporty rental cars that you pay extra for. We cover all of our choreographers travel arrangements and your music fee so that you can have a hassle free experience. All you have to do is book your camp and let us take care of the rest. Our service doesn’t stop after we leave you with a completed routine. We leave you with detailed 8-count sheets filled out by our staff and are available year round to discuss score sheets and videos with you to help keep progressing your routines. We want to be with you every step of the way during your season to give guidance and advice to make your team as successful as possible.

We also offer help for teams who may not be able to afford any kind of camps. This is called our ‘Referral Program.’ Teams receive 25% OR $25 per athlete off their costs total costs when they refer someone to Spirit FX that books a camp. Refer four teams and we will come to you free as charge (Does not include music). Some teams hold Mass Camps, which are also included in this referral program. Discounts are also available to teams who host mass camps.

We have assisted in many accomplishments while working with our clients: Top 10 Finishes at the USASF Cheerleading Worlds (Several Making Finals as well). Regional, Sectional and State High School Champs in over 32 States. Numerous Specialty Awards including Best Choreography, Best Stunts, etc. Top 3 at NCA College Nationals Too many to count National and Grand National Championships

We also offer clean up camps, customized apparel, bows, owner/coaches training and other cheerleader needs from some of the best names in the industry.