Below are just a few samples of our choreographers’ work. If you are interested in more, please let us know!


Kyle ‘Nicholas’ Gadke:
*Note* Kyle has no openings until Jan 2018. 

Platinum Athletics Youth 1
Green Bay Fusion Junior 1
Exceptional Athletics Senior 1
 APEX Large Senior 1
Green Bay Fusion Junior 2
Desert Devils Senior 4.2
Arizona Element Large Senior 4
Platinum Athletics Small Coed 5
Platinum Athletics International Large Coed 5
Minooka High School

Chris Cox:
*Chris has limited availability*
Beyond Allstars Youth 1
Beyond Allstars Large Senior 1
Cheer Central Suns Senior 2
Cheer Central Suns Large Junior 3
LAX Coed 3
Cheer Central Suns Large Senior 4
Cheer Central Suns Small Junior Coed 5

Patrick Williams:

North Florida Elite Youth 1
Reign Athletics Junior 2
Reign Athletics Senior 3
York High School
Spirit Senior Coed 4
Andrew High School
Spirit Junior 3
St. Francis High School
Spirit Allstars Restricted 5

Justin Franklin:

ACX Charleston Mini 1
Cheer Invasion Senior 2
OGC Jets Junior 2
Cheer Invasion Senior 4.2
Myrtle Beach Allstars Senior 4.2
Starlets Andromeda Senior Coed 4 (AUS)
Cheersport Sharks Youth 5
ACX Restricted Coed 5
Starlets Orion IOC6 (AUS)

Gino DiGuilio:
*NOTE* Gino is booked solid and has no available openings for 2017 season.

NCT Junior 2
Glitz Small Senior 2
NCT Senior 3


C4 Longhorns Small Junior 2
C4 Longhorns Small Junior 3
C4 Longhorns Small Senior 3
C4 Longhorns Small Junior 3
C4 Longhorns Small Senior 4
C4 Small Junior 4

Fire Allstars IOC5

Daquan Thompson:

Elite Action Mini 1
State Allstars Senior 1
Elite Action Junior 3

Donnie Beckwith:
ACX Restricted Coed 5
ACX Kat Daddies (All Skills)
ACX Junior 2 Half Year
Fort Mill High School (No Dance)
ACX Crazy Jags (All Skills)

Derek Davidson

Cheer Athletics Fiercekatz
Cheer Athletics Junglecats
ACX Divas
ACX Crazy Jags 1
ACX Wild Jags 1
ACX Wild Jags 2
ACX Kat Daddies
ACX Crazy Jags 2
Cheer Athletics Majesticats level 2
Cheer Athletics ReignCats restricted L5

Carolina Elite Cheer Large Senior 2 –
CYC Diamonds Small Senior 4-
High School –
Carolina Jags Level 5 – (No Dance)