Chris is one of Spirit FX’s head choreographers.  He has both worked with and coached numerous top Worlds teams, Summit teams and D2 Summit teams.  Chris has also added to his accomplishments of choreographing and coaching multiple NCA National championship routines and brought home numerous national titles and specialty awards as a choreographer both in the US and Canada.  He is USASF certified level 1-5 in stunts, tumbling and baskets and USASF green lighted.

Chris has been working in the cheer industry for 17 years.  He is originally from Seattle, WA, where his background in all-star cheerleading lead him to cheer in college.  After college, Chris moved to southern California, and coached and did choreography for several big name gyms  prior to eventually moving to Las Vegas where he took on the role as program director for Vegas Cheer Authority.  As program director at VCA, Chris oversaw the program grow from 2 teams to 18, and gained a unique understanding into the business side of branding and building a program.  He also became heavily involved in judging as well.  After achieving success as a director, Chris chose to move to Denver, CO and began his work with Cheer Central Suns.  In his time at Cheer Central, Chris served as a coach, gym director, program choreographer, and eventually director of choreography.  As the choreography director, Chris was responsible for choreographing routines as well as providing oversight and feedback for the choreography between all 4 of Cheer Central Suns’ locations.  This past year, Chris made the choice to step away from having a “home gym” and put 100% of his time and focus into his passion for choreography, and focus on mastering his craft as well as providing ongoing feedback and consultation to his choreography clients.
Chris believes that successful choreography is about taking the time to get to know the teams he’s working with.  Every team has different strengths and weaknesses and their own unique style; and finding a way to bring that out in a routine is something Chris prides himself in.  Creating a routine that is memorable, innovative, and visually powerful is something he strives to achieve with every team he works with.  From Level 1-5, Chris believes in working together with a team and their coaches to create a routine that’s action-packed and maxes out every aspect of the score sheet.  His success from running multiple programs and coaching summit winning teams allows him to create a plan for the team to get them through their entire season, providing the coaches with numerous options for “upgrades” and more challenging skills that the team can strive to as they master their routine.  With Chris, you’ll get a choreographer who will be invested in your team and your program throughout their entire season, and will help you get to the next level!”

Below are a list of recent client reviews who have worked with Chris:

“Our only dislike – we couldn’t keep Chris longer! We enjoyed having Chris work with our teams. Having worked with him for our second year, he has an understanding of our athletes, teams, and performing ability. Chris not only delivers a fabulous routine, but offers additional knowledge to coaching staff by responding to choreo questions, legality concerns, or even just for added fluff. Both our staff and our athletes are receptive to his coaching style and I think he’s a great fit for us. We look forward to working with him again! Camp experience is great; we truly feel like our teams have accomplished so much by the end of their experience with Chris. He works well with our teams, never providing them with skills that are out of their reach but always offering a twist for upgrades. #teamspiritfx #teamchris”

-Kate, Owner of Carleton Allstars


“Chris was extremely professional and gave us an amazing product. We were very pleased with the outcome. We loved that he was able to be patient with the teams that didn’t learn choreography as fast as others. We were VERY pleased. We loved Chris’s sense of humor. It kept us all going after a VERY long week of choreography. The product was great as always.”

  • Bethany, Owner of Clovis United