Cole started his cheerleading career cheering at Georgia Allstars in 2003. After his cheering days ended, he opened and owned C4 Longhorns in Dallas, GA for 10 years, accumulating 278 National Championships, 20+ Cheersport Nations, 4 Worlds teams (Small Senior Coed) and numerous Summit Finalists. Cole has over 12 years of choreography experience, being one of the countries top pyramid and stunt specialists. His resume has landed him at programs such as Platinum Athletics, Pro Athletics, Star Athletics, Georgia Allstars, USA Wildcats and Ultimate Athletics.


“Cole was just the right amount of fun and discipline. He casted fantastic vision right off the bat and got right to it. I hated that he was a Georgia Bulldog fan. Great routine. It is fun, creative, and utilizes what strengths the team has. One of the reasons we selected Cole as choreographer is because of his stunt and pyramid creativity, and he sure delivered. It was one of the best choreography experiences I have ever had. Cole was just who we needed.”

– Brandon, Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer