Daquan Johnson-Thompson is the Owner and founder of Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star  cheerleading and Dance which is a successful D2 All Star gym in Philadelphia, PA. His services and accomplishments include top finishes at the USASF Cheerleading and Dance Worlds, D2 Summit, NCA Dallas, and Cheersport as well as multiple cheer and Dance National titles. His choreography and coaching has earned, multiple US Finals, The One, Summit, and Cheerleading and Dance Worlds Bids across the Nation.

Daquan’s extensive technical dance training from the University of the Arts has led him in a career in contemporary ballet touring nationally and Internationally as a headliner with several professional Dance companies.  He has also worked in the commercial Hip Hop industry on multiple projects including choreographers such as Anthony Burrell and Frank Gatson on Beyoncé’s B’Day album workshop and demo choreography for the I AM… Tour.  These experiences have allowed Daquan to think outside of the box when it comes to formations, transitions, and earning programs multiple innovative choreography awards , best Dance awards, and high dance scores.
Daquan‘s choreography is most known for its creative use of the floor.  He views each routine as a “show on a stage” which keeps the entertainment and innovation flowing throughout the routine no matter the level.  He has a strong eye for highlighting and showcasing your teams strengths and keeping your routine unique and original. He focuses on hitting the scoresheet with sharp and clean motion technique without sacrificing the entertainment value and routine composition no matter the level or dance ability of your program. “My kids can’t dance, but Daquan makes them look like stars” has been quoted by multiple of his clients. He has the ability to create level 1-3 stunts, transitions, dances  that have the same attack and sass as level 4 and 5. Daquan is Best suitable for the team or program that’s ready to take their showmanship to next level with a memorable, fun, and flashy routine the judges won’t forget.

Below are just a few reviews we have received about Daquan:

“Daquan did a good job of doing a brief skills assessment and instruction prior to beginning choreography that really helped to provide choreography that will push our team, but is also attainable. He also was very accommodating to suggestions/requests and provided options during the process. I liked the creative stunt entrances, dynamic pyramid and visually interesting and unique dance sequence. The choreography also does a good job of integrating our teams wide range of tumbling skills.”

  • Lindsay, Yankton High School