Demo started as a gymnast at the age of 7, eventually becoming a member of the ISA gymnastics team for 4 years. Demo was ranked 5th in the world. While doing gymnastics he also cheered on his high school team. After discovering his love for cheer, he began cheering at world renowned Cheer Athletics. From there he went on to cheer for the University of Louisville and Gymtyme Allstars. During his time at U of L, he won 5 collegiate national championships and 5 NCA titles, 4 Cheersport championships, and an impressive 7 world titles with the Gymtyme Allstars. After leaving Louisville he went on to coach at Ultimate Athletics in 2008, where he coached the Junior Coed Level 5 team to a bronze medal at Worlds in 2010 and an NCA title in 2011. Demo is currently coaching at Cheer Extreme Chicago where he most recently brought his Youth 4 to a Cheersport National championship in 2017.

Demorick has choreographed for teams all over the world, including Finland and Sweden. In the US he has worked with accomplished programs such as Midwest Cheer Elite, Gymtyme Allstars, Ultimate Athletics, Tampa Starz Cheer Extreme, Cheer St. Louis, Idaho Inferno and and many more!

Being a current coach, Demo knows the ins and outs of the scoresheets, and always incorporates that knowledge into his choreography. He is fun, out going and very easy to work with. His goal is to make sure each team he works with gets the best routine for them, while being flashy, and still hitting all elements of the score sheet. Demorick excels at always meeting the needs of his clients, and has a successful track record to prove that.