Q: What are the payment terms?

A: We require a 10% Deposit to book the camp date and the remaining 90% Balance is due 30 days prior to camp start date. We are very open to other arrangements with communication being key.

Q: We are looking at several different camp providers. Can you match their price?

A: We are firm with our prices. We charge for our quality vs. our competitor and lowering our prices to someone else’s prices who does not provide the great customer service, quality service or high quality music (that is delivered on time) makes our prices stand firm. We do offer discounts to work with multiple teams and also have a great referral program to help cut costs if we are out of your budget. We also offer an array of payment plans.

Q: What sets your company apart from competitors?

A: We get asked this quite a bit while customers are shopping for service providers. First and foremost – once using us – You get a “family” experience. Once are you are in our family we go above and beyond to help your program and teams succeed. We are available ALL YEAR LONG to help answer questions about scoresheets, assist in changes, listen to you vent and help you with music edits. One unique thing we do is our all inclusive pricing. Our prices INCLUDE High Quality music. We also include all traveling expenses in our prices so there are no hidden fees and we handle all traveling arrangements for our staff. This takes less stress off you and allows you to sit back and just coach your teams until our arrival. No looking for low fares or great deal – We do that for you. We also will check up on you and your teams throughout the season to make ourselves available to assist you. We TRULY appreciate our customers and want to make their experience better than anyone else’s! We strive on not only providing the best cheer service, but we want to be known for our amazing customer service!

Q: Our choreographer bailed on us and we are in a bind. How quickly can you get someone to us?

A: We have staff available around the clock. We have an extensive staff that always allows for one of our head choreographers to be available!

Q: When is the best time to book?

A: The earlier, the better. Typically teams start booking in January and February for the upcoming season so that they get first pick at dates and instructors. However, we normally have dates available all summer long!

Q: What does ‘Choreography’ Mean? Do you do the ENTIRE routine?

A: Yes. Getting a Fully Choreographed Routine consists of start to finish. We do have some packages such as Stunts and Pyramid only, or certain sections, but if you book choreography with us, you get a full routine!

Q: I am a High School Coach. We can’t get payments through the school ontime upon your arrival. What should I do?

A: Not a problem! I will write up a new contract with new payment terms and we will handle it accordingly. Communication is key. As long as neither of us feels ignored while working on collecting payment, there will be no late fees, and we will get through it together.