Gino is one of Spirit FX’s head choreographers. He has had the honor of working with and coaching some of the elite Summit and D2 Summit teams across the country. Winning numerous innovative and cutting edge choreography awards from competitions throughout every section of the US. He previously was a USASF Senior Safety judge, he is credentialed in building/tosses and tumbling 1-5, and is a green lighted member of the USASF.


Gino has been in the cheer industry for over a decade. Originally from Youngstown, OH, he grew up in the sport as an athlete in the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania area, and eventually transitioned into a coach. This experience gave him a different outlook and appreciation for the industry as he has seen it grow through many different viewpoints. He coached at NCT All Stars in New Castle, Pa for 4 years where he was able to lead his teams to Full Paid Summit and D2 Summit bids. Upon his success, he decided to try out a new scenery and moved to Cleveland, OH to work for World Elite Cheer as a coach and Rec tumbling director. Moving from the small gym mindset to the large gym mindset has allowed him to grow, experience the sport in a new light, and share his talents with others.


Gino believes that a successful choreography session has to do with assessing the team’s strengths and finding out their personality. Using the scoresheet to your advantage is great, but he believes that those big and memorable moments come from a combination of a team’s personality and strongest section. Innovative usage of floor is his “one major thing” he pushes in his choreography. His philosophy is that constant movement/creative formations and usage of floor showcasing great technique will draw you into the routines and give you that wow factor from a judge’s viewpoint. If you want a choreographer that will give you feedback throughout the season and have an organic commitment to your gym’s success, Gino is the choreographer for you.