After our clients see our amazing customer service and products we offer, we often get asked, “How did you get started doing this?” Below you will find the history of how we got to where we are today!

Spirit FX (formally known as Midwest Cheer FX until 2010) started in 2004 with just one choreography client. To date, we have worked with over thousands of teams each year from around the World.

Spirit FX C.E.O., Kyle Gadke, originally from a small farm-town in Iowa, was asked to do choreography for a local High School team. Never doing it before, but being young and eager, Kyle decided it would be great and did the routine. That team went on to win state at the Iowa State Cheerleading Competition. With that one team’s success, a seed was planted to turn this new found talent into a business.

The following season, word got around that Kyle started doing choreography and so close friends started booking Kyle to do their choreography and skills camps as well as referring him to their coaching friends. Season after season, word of mouth was spreading about the success of Kyle’s camps.

Finally in 2006, Kyle’s camp services had grown so much he decided to make in an official business and purchased an LLC for ‘Midwest Cheer FX’ as well as hire on some Staff to help him do camps because the demand was becoming too high to do it alone. Again, season-by-season we grew tremendously with no marketing other than referrals and word of mouth. Midwest Cheer FX always made sure the customers needs were not only met, but the customers were happy with everything we had to offer.

By 2010, our camp growth had outgrown the Midwest and we reached the East Coast, West Coast, Deep South and everywhere in between. Since we grew so widespread, it was time for a name change and we introduced our company revamp as ‘Spirit FX, LLC.’

Spirit FX was at a whole new level. We hired more staff, we had hundreds of teams we worked with per year and we internally revamped all of our policies and procedures to make sure we were doing everything as professional as possible.

In 2014 – Spirit FX worked with over 300 Cheerleading Teams with over 25 Instructors on Staff. Staff has been and always will be hand selected to fit our ‘family-like’ environment. We all love each other like a family and it is easy to tell when we do camps together with all of the outrageous and positive personalities in one room. Its very important to us every Staff member is just right for the team. We want your camp experience to have someone teaching you that has so much passion that it’s about to burst out of them! We strive to not only deliver innovative and fun choreography to athletes and coaches around the world, but we want to make sure that the routine we are giving you will maximize, as much as possible, on the scoresheet.

We also realize the stress gym owners have trying to book a choreographer. They have to reference check a choreographer. They have to pay the choreographer. They have to book expensive flights, hotels and rental cars for the choreographer. At Spirit FX, we handle all of the travel arrangements and also work with some of the BEST DJs in the industry to offer you all inclusive packages with no hidden fees.

Heading in 2018 season – We are expanding even more due to the demand we are receiving for our product and service as well as launching new products lines like expanding our Hyper Camp which we started in Chicago in 2017. We hope to offer this service in 5 locations next year!

So back to the original statement of how we answer clients who ask how we got where we are today? The answer is “By an accident with lots of passion and hardwork!”