Juba has been involved in competitive cheerleading as a Tumbling Specialist  for the past 15 years. During that time, he has worked with many successful All-Star programs across the nation as a Tumbling Consultant and Clinician, and served as Tumbling Director to many teams in the  Maryland, DC and Virginia area.  Juba directed the Tumbling Program for Maryland Twisters for two years before Joining the Maryland  Marlins. In his first year with the program, Marlin’s level 5 team won a full-paid bid to worlds, something they had never done in the history of their program. Under Juba’s tumbling direction, Maryland Marlins went on to receive 4 more full-paid bids to Cheer Worlds.

In 2013 Juba opened his own gym, developing a solid group of level 5 athletes and received a bid to worlds in his first year as a program owner and coach. His program has gone on to receive a bid to Worlds every year since his opening. His success in Cheerleading stems from his strong background and success in gymnastics, both as an athlete and gymnastics coach stretching 30 years. As a gymnast, he ranked top 20 in the nation and experienced full- spread features in the Baltimore Sun and television spotlights for his talent in the sport. Juba later carried that success into his  gymnastics coaching career where he was quickly promoted to Head Coach for the men’s optional team, at Fairland Gymnastics in Laurel Md.

Juba currently works under Kelli Hill, at Hills Gymnastics in Gaithersburg. Kelli Hill, who has been Inducted into the Gymnastics Hall and of Fame, is known for training 3-Time Olympian Dominique Dawes,  2000 Olympian Elise Ray and 2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets.  At Hills, Juba can be seen working with athletes of all ages and levels, including their elite gymnasts.

Juba’s notable success and knowledge of tumbling can be seen through his daughter Azaraya whom he started training at the age of 5. By 9,  she  is one of the strongest gymnastic tumblers  for her age in the country, and was invited to train at the National Developmental Invite Camp at the Olympic Training Center formally known as the Karolyi Ranch in Texas.  She currently  travels to Texas every month to train at the US Olympic Gymnastics Training Center as part of  the National Development Program.

Juba’s passion and love for tumbling gives him the drive to perfect the skill and learn how to apply it to athletes of all learning styles. His ability to focus of form and technique, critical in gymnastics, and apply it in the fast-paced sport of cheerleading gives him the critical edge to make cheerleaders excel. His charismatic style of coaching and thinking outside the box mentality gives him the edge and allows him continued success at every program he has worked in, in  both Gymnastics and All Star Cheerleading.