Justin started cheering in 2000 for ACX. After graduating high school, Justin continued his education at the University of Louisville and was a member for the Large Coed Nationals team. While at UofL Justin also competed with Gym Tyme Allstars. Winning several national championship titles and worlds championship titles. Having the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the industries best choreographers, coaches and athletes Justin took what he loved and got to work. He currently travels the US, Canada, Germany & Australia working with different programs, schools and athletes. Being a full time choreographer Justin has had the success of many of his routines showcased at NCA, Worlds, Summit & D2 Summit.

Justin has Choreographed & worked with programs like Cheersport Sharks from Ontario Canada, Falcons Elite from Quebec Canada, Starlets from Sydney Australia, Landsberg Elite from Landsberg Germany, and several other teams from the United States.

Justin has a very innovative way of transitioning in and out of formations which gives him a unique look. He listens to the wants and needs of each teams requests & understands that not all teams will have the same style or look. He can give you clean style or very asymmetrical looks. He caters the scoresheet and understands how to maximize points while maintaining what the score sheet needs.

Below are just some of the recent testimonials we have received from our clients who worked with Justin:

“Justin was perfect. He used all the space available on the floor, despite the fact that we are a small team of 15 athletes. The explanations were clear and simple. Even though our athletes do not all speak English, they had no trouble understanding Justin. We loved working with him for the first time. And we will not hesitate to ask for him for the next few years.”

  • Faucons Cheer Elite

“Justin did a great job working with the athletes from all levels. He was able to bring new and fresh ideas to the group that were appropriate for the skill level of each of the teams but also brought a good balance that will challenge and push them.   Us as a coaching team prefer to be very engaged and involved. We had a great working relationship with Justin. He was open to suggestions and ideas from the coaches. There was a great partnership and good comradery between all coaches and Justin all through choreography weekend!!”

  • Molly, Oshkosh Jets

“Justin was amazing! He was excellent with all ages and skill levels. We love his creative choreography and enthusiasm. His love for cheer shines in his work. He is very detail oriented and came prepared for the job. We cant wait to have him back. Anyone would be lucky to have him!”

  • Amber, Elite Athletic Cheer

“We love Justin!!! I can not say enough great things about him. My girls are a tough bunch and its hard to break through with them but he did it so effortlessly and make them better athletes. Our routine is BOMB!  Justin gave multiple options to tangible skills and did not disappoint. He did all of that in a ONE DAY choreography camp. #Amazing”

  • Blaze Cheer and Tumble