Kendall has quite the resume when it comes to cheerleading as both a coach and as an athlete. Kendall’s cheer background consists of cheering Allstars for the Atlanta Jayhawks 2002-2005, Georgia Allstars 2005-2007, Gymtyme Allstars 2007-2009 and The Stingray Allstars from 2010-2012. Kendall also cheered at the prestigious University of Louisville from 2007-2009, one of the most competitive and talented cheerleading schools in the country.

Kendall was a Lay Coach for Duluth High School and Mountain View High School in the talented High School State of Georgia. Kendall currently lives in the Denver, CO area and is a gym director for Cheer Central Suns Allstars where he is also cheering on their International Coed Level 5 Worlds team.