Kyle is the Owner of Spirit FX, LLC. His services have led to numerous top finishes at USASF Worlds, and Champions crowned at The Summit, D2 Summit, NCA College Nationals and numerous major events across the country such as NCA Dallas and Cheersport. In 2014, Kyle was named one of the industry’s “Top 35, Under 35” and was runner up, for the USASF Choreographer of the Year Award! Kyle is currently USASF safety certified levels 1-6 in stunts, tumbling and baskets and green lighted through the USASF background check.

Kyle has been in the cheerleading industry for 15 years at various gyms around the Midwest and as a judge. He coached at Platinum Athletics in the Saint Louis, MO area where he led his teams to Full Paid Bids to Worlds and producing Worlds and Summit Finalists. Kyle hung up his coaching shoes in 2016 to focus on the growth of Spirit FX and mastering his choreography craft. Kyle is also a Regional Senior Accounts Manager for GK Elite Sportswear.

Kyle is a firm believer in “smart choreography” which is making strategic decisions while putting a routine together to what will best suite the team that season. Picking and choosing “wow moments” can be crucial in a teams success as well as quickly analyzing and executing what a team or programs strengths and weaknesses are. If Kyle had to define his choreography style, it would be described of consistent floor use, innovative stunt and pyramid transitions that push gray areas while using the floor and being a scoresheet guru. Kyle believes in the theory “clean wins” and that can be seen through the routines he puts together. If your teams are lacking stunt innovation, not hitting high range in difficulty or you have an overall low routine execution in your skills; Kyle will be the choreographer choice for you to help clean up your athletes or take your building skills to the next level.

Below are recent testimonials from clients Kyle has worked with:

“I like the fact that Kyle has passion to give a great product to the athletes and will check out their weaknesses and strengths before putting his talents to work! He worked well with the kids and i liked the over all product he produced for us! I like the fact that he gave us a Summit worthy routine to work up to and challenge the athletes! The stunt innovation was great and what our athletes needed!”

  • Shane of Grand Cheer in Katy, TX