Nick was a competitive gymnast who fell in love with all-star cheerleading in high school and hasn’t looked back since. He has carried his gymnastics background and knowledge of technique into training athletes in the high intensity sport of cheerleading. Nick started competing in cheerleading on Celebrity Large Coed for 2 years before relocating to Miami Florida in 2005 to cheer on TopGun Large Coed. After 2 years on TopGun, Nick moved to Columbus Ohio where he attended The Ohio State University and obtained his BA becoming part of the class of 2011.

In 2012, Nick became part of the Maryland Twisters staff where he coached the 2013 Small Junior Coed 5 Summit Champion team, The SuperCells also worked with the world champion’s, F5. After Maryland Twisters, Nick relocated home to Boston and is in his 4th season coaching at East Celebrity Elite (ECE) where he has coached levels 2-5. Coaching athletes 11 and under at the top level of the sport has taught him many new tricks and tactics to hit the score sheet successfully.

Nick has also traveled internationally choreographing for teams in Canada and Australia. This has allowed him to experience many different styles of coaching and choreography to blend the trends of each region to create fast paced and innovative routines. He works great with all ages and levels and finds joy in helping educate the young, eager and under experienced athlete. Having been apart of 3 world champion programs, Nick has lots of tricks up his sleeve to hit the score sheet. His main focus through choreography is making sure you will have numerous options for what suites your group of athletes best. If you’re looking for a smart and well-rounded choreographer, Nick is for you!