Patrick began his cheering career at age 14, after transitioning from the power tumbling world.  He cheered for Cheer Legendz, and ICE Allstars, before moving onto 3 years at Lindenwood University.   After 3 years cheering at Lindenwood University, Patrick transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago.  After coaching in the Chicago area for 6 years, he decided to open a gym of his own.  He currently owns and operates Reign Athletics. Patrick is credentialed in building/tosses and tumbling 1-5, and is a green lighted member of the USASF.


Patrick believes every routine needs choreography to match a team’s personality and their capacity to perform it.  Every single team is different. Some teams are stronger in tumbling vs building, some great at motions and performance.  Patrick prides himself in finding these strengths and creating a routine that fits every team.   He believes a great routine should have something happening at ALL times, whether that’s an intricate motion transition or a wow factor building skill. The goal is to entertain, while maximizing the scoresheet. Patrick believes an emphasis on the “lower” half of the scoresheet (building creativity, routine composition, performance, dance) can set you apart in your division.  These areas are not something the athletes have any control of.  It is entirely up to the choreographer to create it, and the coaches to perfect it. The sport has evolved to a point where more teams are performing the same skill level. While it is always nice to work with a team where every athlete is level appropriate, Patrick especially loves teaching a group of athletes that needs the “smoke and mirrors.”  He feels it pushes him to be a better choreographer, and allows for individuality in a routine. Patrick has had the privilege of working with numerous start up gyms and watching them grow over the years.  He has learned the most important thing to a successful season, is the product you put on the floor.  From the time you learn the routine in the summer to the end of the season, change is inevitable.  Patrick is great about maintaining a relationship with you throughout the season.   If you want a choreographer who will provide a great product, and be a helpful resource to you all season-Patrick would be a great fit for you!