Below are just a few of our many testimonials we receive from our amazing clients! 


When it comes to choreography there are loads of competitors that talk a good game, but Spirit FX makes it happen!!  Kyle and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and awesome to work with.   There knowledge about score sheets, maximizing the floor,  and  adding in that extra flair has helped bring my teams from the bottom of the placements to the top.   Since using Spirit FX our teams have won multiple national championships as well as all teams finishing in the top 10 at D2 Summit,  2 placing in the top.  They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to know  we are putting the best possible routines on the floor each season.   I could not be more happy with the decision to use Spirit FX for all of our choreography needs.  They are the best in the business hands down!!!”

  • Melissa Brauer, Owner, Fusion Athletics of Green Bay


“We love how simple it is to book with SpiritFX, and love even more that we can find an all-inclusive option. Having the instructor, the transportation (flight/auto rental), and hotel all taken care of for me is seriously amazing. The packages with music inclusion are an added bonus – AND from a highend music producer nonetheless. All of this with great communication makes for a fantastic experience, and feeling like a personal one as well. We feel valued, not like “just another client”. Thank you for such great service!”

  • Kate, Owner of Carleton Allstars – CANADA



“You guys have made me think differently about the choreography process. As a small gym owner, I have been burnt a couple times before, and I hate to think that it was because of my small gym status. You guys never once made us feel that way and we are grateful we have the opportunity to work with you all. Small gym, BIG results.”

  • Melanie Derrough, Owner, Blaze Tumble and Cheer


“Our experience with Spirit FX has been amazing! The professionalism and knowledge that the staff possesses is second only to their enthusiasm for the sport and innovation. Our kids absolutely loved working with Spirit FX for our choreography this year. As a gym owner I appreciate the attention to detail brought to each of the routines and also the fact that they put as much into our youth and junior teams as they did our senior teams. Our athletes and parents alike left feeling excited about the upcoming season and felt like we had accomplished a lot even though we only had a short time for our choreography! I would certainly recommend Spirit FX to anyone who is looking for a skills camp/choreography experience that will not only help get their teams or gym to the next level but also empower their coaches and athletes and leave them feeling excited and motivated!”

  • Adam Rufkahr, Owner of Platinum Athletics – Saint Louis, MO


“I have to say that we had no intentions on ever hiring an outside choreographer because of the few that we have dealt with. We are very protective of our brand and when you invite an “outsider” to come in and spend an entire day with your team, it is a very vulnerable experience. What if they are rude? What if they are unorganized? What if the routine is terrible and we just spent our entire budget? What if they give us a boring routine and save the good routine for a “better” customer? After receiving this prize at the USASF convention, we were still apprehensive but decided to take the plunge. Things happen for a reason because I believe now that the “other” choreographers were bottom feeders for low budgets. Spirit FX is a very professional company and worth every penny. Basically, you get what you pay for.  I wanted to thank you for this amazing experience. My daughter and I started this company last year to offer fun, affordable cheerleading to our community. Our budget is extremely tight and we would have never had the funds to hire such a professional company. Going into next year, we will fundraise and make sure we can afford you. I also was very impressed that Derek didn’t even know we had “won” this session. I expected him to have the attitude of “this is a freebie, they should be grateful for what they get” haha. Obviously, he did not.”

  • Caroline, Owner, Coastal Athletics